Acknowledgement email has extra line breaks or unwanted white space

When viewing a NetCommunity acknowledgement email for a transaction like a donation transaction or event registration transaction, you may see extra, unwanted, empty lines in the email.
Make sure that there are no line breaks between conditional content sections in your email:

In the example above, to resolve the unwanted line break, place your cursor at the end of the line with the <Credit Card.End.Section> marker and press the DELETE key to bring the <Direct Debit.Begin.Section> marker to the same line with no spaces between the two markers. This will remove the line break between these two sections.

If you have a series of conditional sections such as Credit, Direct Debit, Pledge, Installment, Anonymous, etc. and have a line break as noted in the image above, then the email will contain a line break between each section. This can result in 4-5 empty lines in the resulting email.


 6.51.736, patch 8

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