Delivered Email Message Appears as Code

 An email message sent with styling is delivered as HTML.

Code is showing in the email view instead of the actual message that I designed.  Two different copies of the same message arrived, and one of them is garbled. 

A message sent to an imported list does not appear consistently for all recipients.
The imported .csv file contained some kind of invalid characters, or hidden line-feed characters, causing parsing issues as some of the message header data, such as the VSG, was being interpreted as part of the message body instead.

Try each of the following steps:

                • Remove invalid characters from the imported list.  The "@" symbol and periods (".") & Underscores ("_") are allowed, as are date values with a slash ("/") character.

                • Ensure that each field within the file contains a value in each row.

                • Ensure each column has a header. The header must be alphanumeric, and cannot contain any special characters.

                • Delete any columns that you don't need. Columns that you need are Email address, Name, and any other things you want to use as merge fields.


How to remove hidden characters:

                • Copy (CTRL+V) the necessary contents from the top-left to the bottom-right (where data exists).

                • Open Notepad. Paste the contents into Notepad. Save the file as a regular .txt document. [Notepad removes hidden characters and formatting so it is a safe program to start over in]. Highlight the contents in the file (CTRL+A) and copy them (CTRL+C).

                • Go back to Excel. Create a new workbook. Save the file as a .csv document.

                • Click the top-left area of the spreadsheet between the letter A and the number 1. Paste the contents (CTRL+V) and save the file again.

                • Go to your NetCommunity site and try to upload the file again.

The fix applied in version 6.58 will strip the invalid characters at import time.

Old lists created prior to this fix will still misformat the message, and will need to be re-uploaded to strip the invalid characters.

This issue was resolved in the latest version of Blackbaud NetCommunity

 Download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable. 


 6.53.516, patch 12

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