Steps to merge the teams and individual contact records:

1. Follow the steps in this knowledgebase solution to merge the two teams:
2. After the two teams are merge, follow the direction in this user guide to merge the duplicate individual contact records that were created when the constituent registered twice for the event:

Specifically, follow these steps to merge the two contact records:

To merge two duplicate records without first comparing them:

1. Select Contacts > Database Management > Manage Contacts > Duplicate Checker.

2. For Last Individual (or Organization) Duplicate Check Results, click See Report.

3. In the Individual (or Organization) Contact Duplicate Report page perform the following steps:
    a. Click Keep for the record you want to retain.
    b. Click Move for the record you want to merge with the record you want to keep.
        Note: The system groups duplicate records to make them easy for you to see-alternately shading groups of       duplicate records.

4. Click Merge.
     Note: If a merge is already in progress, the system informs you that the operation must first complete before you can proceed with the merge. Try the merge again later and then proceed with the next step.

5. Click Ok in the pop up window to specify that you want to merge the selected records.

    A page opens to inform you that the operation is being performed and the list is being rendered. When done, the Individual (or Organization) Contact Duplicate Report page opens.
   The system removes the two records you merged from the list.

6. Verify that the two duplicate records were merged into one record