Billing drop-down in NetClassroom does not appear correctly for Parents with active students when graduated student's record is not marked to pay bills or receive statements.

With Online Express Bill Pay installed, when logged into NetClassroom as a parent, the Bill Payment option or Statement option are not available from the Billing drop-down. 
For the Billing drop-down in NetClassroom to appear correctly, the rule of thumb for the relationship tab of any student record is:

1.    If they have a billing option that is student-centric, each relation must be marked to receive statements
2.    If they have a billing option that is payer-centric, each relation must be marked to pays bills.
3.    Both options must also be marked to view NetClassroom
4.    Note: For the Bill Payment option to work correctly, all students in the same family must be set to the same billing option, even if they are not current students.


 7.85, patch 0
 7.85, patch 0

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