Member Cards not Scanning because Card Print Process was Cleared

Sometimes member cards are set up so that the card numbers are the barcode that gets scanned into Altru.  If the card print process was accidentally cleared, this takes the cards back to an issued status without a card number.  Thus, the cards with their old card numbers do not scan into the database.
Do one of the following to resolve the issue so that card numbers will scan:
  1. If you have a record of what the original card number was, go to each membership record.  Go to the Membership Card section.  Click on the latest card.  It's status says Issued.  Click Assign Number and type in the original card number.
  2. Print the membership cards again, assigning a new card number.  Either mail members their new member card OR keep them at the front desk to issue when a member comes in with a card that does not scan.



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