The query feature will only allow you to report on 40,000 records. Clicking the question mark "?", located to the left of the record count, will show the following:

"Only 5000 records will be available to view online. To view up to 40,000 record results click the Download Results link."

As a workaround you may be able to process the query using the Advanced Search function located under: Contacts > Individuals. It will allow you to process a greater number of records and export them into an Excel or CSV file.

*NOTE* Not all fields that are available in Control > Query are available in the Advanced Search function under Contacts > Individuals in which case you will need to process smaller queries.

  1. To run an Advanced Search:
  2. Go to: Contacts > Individuals
  3. Click Advanced Search
  4. Set up the desired search parameters and Add them to your query
  5. Click Run Query
  6. Click the yellow icon labeled Choose Columns on the top right of the report
  7. Put a Check or Uncheck any fields to Add/ Remove them to the  report
  8. Click Submit
  9. To export the records, click either Export XLS or Export CSV
  10. A window will appear that says Export Processing. Wait for it to complete, and click the blue link to download the file
  11. Close the window.