1. Create a query to find which membership they gifted
    1. From Analysis, click Information Library.
    2. Click Add Ad-hoc query
    3. Select Constituent as the record type
    4. In the Browse for fields in, expand Member, Expand Membership, Expand Membership Transaction
    5. Highlight Given By, drag Constituent Record to the 'include records where' select this constituent record
    6. Click OK
    7. On the Preview Results, you will see the names of the people on the gifted membership
    8. On the Set Save options tab, enter a name, click Save
  2. Remove this person as the gift giver
    1. From Analysis, Information Library, find the query you just saved
    2. Select the name of the query, click the yellow link to process the query results
    3. Highlight the first record in the query, click Browse
    4. Select to open on the Constituent Membership Page
    5. Click Ok
    6. On the Memberships tab, highlight the membership, click Edit
    7. Unmark this membership is a gift
    8. Click Save