Other amount label does not appear on a NetCommunity Donation Form

The label for other amount does not appear on Blackbaud NetCommunity Donation Form. You confirmed the label on the language tab of the donation form includes text.
When you see the Other Designation in the part, but not when viewing the page, this indicates the Other amount is hidden via CSS, often in the style sheet.

If you or a designer at your organization is comfortable editing (CSS)​, you may search for the code hiding the other value.

This line would either need to removed or edited as appropriate.  Note: please make a backup of the style sheet and save it to a local location before making any changes.

If you're not comfortable making the change and your organization does not have a designer, please contact your account manager to arrange for Blackbaud's Professional Services, which is typically a billable charge.

Note: Blackbaud Support is not trained in design and cannot assist with design changes. Design changes for NetCommunity made by Blackbaud must go through your account team.


Steps to Duplicate

Steps to confirm label includes text:
  1. Edit the part
  2. Click the Language tab
  3. Select Donation Information from the Category dropdown
  4. Confirm the "Other Designation" field includes text

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