1.  In Mail, Labels and Envelopes, create a new label
2.  Create Labels for: Student Relationships
3.  Check the box for Create an Output Query of Related Records
4.  On the Fields to Include tab, select at least one field to view on the output
5.  On the Filters tab, select any filters for students
6.  On the Relationship Filters tab, change the filter for Relationship Types from <All> to <Selected> and select the relationship types you want to have in the results
7.  On the Format tab, Detail section, check the box for "Combine labels for each spouse pair"
8.  Preview this label, which will prompt you to save a Static Record Query
9.  In Mail, Forms, Statements, open the statement you wish to use
10.  On the Filters tab, Statement Recipients, change <All> to <Selected> and pick Query
11.  Search and open the query we just made
12.  Click OK and preview the statement

Note: you can also combine students for a single statement recipient onto one statement.