Refunding a transaction to an alternate card is not possible with Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS). A refund may only be made to the credit card the transaction originated from. This email is a scam and it is recommended that you refund the entire amount of the transaction to the original card to avoid a chargeback at a later time.

There are a few frequent aliases that are use with this scam.  Fraudulent parties can be using several aliases, but the following list have appeared connected to this fraud scam:

Lawal Johnson Qaseem

Dr. Paul Williams/Williams Paul

Judith Sharp

Dr. Mark Goldring

Dr. John Lingner

Raeven Woods

William Peacock

Dawn Miller

Ryan George

Penny Turner

Steven Ilous

Marry Jones

Samson Owoniya Adeniyi

Steven Ilous

Richard Kehinde Owoniya

Poudilungbo Namnamei

Andrew Walker Hassman

Dr. Davon White

Janet A Lawrence

Smith Marcia/Smith Garcia

Christopher Mastriano

Promise Moore

daniel anghelcev

Janet Christopher

Rudel A Burman

Shaun Lines

Gordner Harold

Johnson Moore / Moore Johnson

If you encounter one of these issues, or have questions, please Chat With Support and reference this article.