From the constituent's record:

  1. Open the record of the constituent giving the gift
  2. Select the Gifts tab
  3. Click New Gift
  4. Enter the appropriate information
  5. Click Save and Close
From Records>Gifts:
  1. Click on New Gift
  2. Enter the appropriate information
  3. Click Save and Close

From a gift batch:

  1. Create a gift batch
  2. Enter the gift in the data entry grid
  3. Select File, Commit Completed Batch
  4. Enter the appropriate information on the General and Payments tabs
  5. Click Save to save the batch
  6. Click Commit Now to commit the batch

For more information, refer to The Raiser's Edge 7 Gift Entry Guides .

If you are using Raiser's Edge NXT follow the steps below:

Note: We are rolling this functionality out in phased waves, if you do not see this functionality in your web view database it is because you have not received it yet.  Please be patient as everyone will have it soon.

1. Log into the web view
2. Search for a constituent that you wish to add the gift to
3. Go to the gift history tile
4. Click Add gift 
5. Enter the appropriate information 
Note: Fields marked with an * are required. However, fields selected in database view to be required are not required in the web view at this time
6. Click Save


1. Log into the web view
2. Go to the Home page
3. Select Add gift button
4. Enter the appropriate information
5. Click Save

Note: In a future release you will be able to add more gift types. Right now we can only add donations (cash) through the web view.

For more information regarding adding gifts through the web view, review our in product help