Only addresses that matched to a Forwardable Move NCOA card will have a different address.  To find records that matched an NCOA refer to How to track which addresses were changed, not just updated using AddressFinder in The Raiser's Edge (BB67160).
  - To only update addresses that have changed because of NCOA mark the Update only addresses with NCOA address changes when running the AddressFinder update.
If you have already run the AddressFinder update and you do not want AddressFinder to make non-moves changes, restore to a backup and rerun AddressFinder marking the Update only addresses with NCOA address changes.
  Note: If AddressFinder has been updated and the Updated Address Report is run afterwards the Current Address will show the same as the new address.  This is because the current address just pulls the current Preferred Address on the record (which after the update is the new moved address).