There is a site option that controls how many failed attempts are allowed before canceling a gift.  If you are unable to make a change to this site option you can submit a case or contact support to make the necessary changes.


(Default 0) The value in this SDP is used to determine the number of consecutive failures to allow for a sustaining gift before canceling it.
If this value is set to 0 (or blank), then the gift will be tried until it reaches the number of payments or forever.
If this value is set to 10, then after 10 consecutive failures, the gift will be canceled. The reason for canceling will be 'Cancelled - Excessive Failures' (recurring_pledge_status = 6).

  • This SDP affects all gifts with and without a specific duration.
  • Only one failure per payment period will count toward this total, even if there are multiple processing attempts within that period.