This error is created because the constituent has been removed in Luminate Online but still exists in LCRM. There are two ways to resolve this error, based on what you want to do with the record.

If you want to keep both records and make them active:
  1. Navigate to Constituent360, Groups
  2. Create a New Group
  3. Title the group "Reactivate" or something similar
  4. Add the removed constituent to the group
  5. Contact support or create a case requesting to have the constituents reactivated (Please include the QPM error in the case)
Support will set the task to reactivate the constituents so that you may resolve the QPM error. This task runs overnight, and once the constituent has been reactivated, you can rebuild the QPM error and it should go away.

If you do not want to records reactivated, then follow these steps:
  1. Log into LCRM and navigate to the record in question
  2. Double click the "Do Not Sync" box and click save, or
  3. Delete the record from LCRM entirely
  4. Rebuild the errors in QPM to clear the errors
If the record is removed in CLO, there is no need for the record in LCRM, so it can be deleted. However, if you would like to keep the record in LCRM, mark the record as "Do Not Sync"