Step One: Create Custom Event Fields for the Honor/Memorial Information:

1. Go to Contacts > Database Management > Field Management > Manage Custom Fields
2. Expand Custom Event Fields folder
3. Add the following Fields, as appropriate:
   a. Tribute Type (with the following options) - Data Type: Drop Down Box
      1. In Honor of
      2. In Memory of
      3. In Celebration of
   b. Honoree First Name - Data Type: Text
   c. Honoree Last Name - Data Type: Text
   d. Acknowledgement First Name - Data Type: Text
   e. Acknowledgement Last Name - Data Type: Text

Step Two: Update Connector Sync Settings to setup Mapping for Custom Event Fields:

1. Go to Control > Adminstration > Connector Sync
2. Go to the Admin tab
3. Under the Gifts Section > Memorial / Tribute Fields section, unmark the checkbox for FAF
4. Click Save
5. Go to the Mapping tab
6. Go to the Memorial/Tribute fields tab
7. Setup the following mappings between Raiser's Edge <-> Sphere fields:
   a. Tribute Type <-> Tribute Type
   b. Honoree First Name <-> Honoree First Name
   c. Honoree Last Name <-> Honoree Last Name
   d. Acknowledgement First Name <-> Acknowledgement First Name
   e. Acknowledgement Last Name <-> Acknowledgement Last Name

Step Three: Add the Custom Event Fields for Memorial/Tribute Fields to your Donation form:

1. Go to Communities > Forms > Single Step Donation
2. Highlight [Event Name], select Website Info
3. Go to Form Customization
4. For the Donor Information form, click Select
5. Go to the Custom Event Fields tab
6. Activate the Custom Event fields created in Step One step 3, as appropriate
7. Click Save & Done
8. Repeat Steps 5 through 7 for the Sphere only forms under Form Customizations as needed.
9. Go to Website Info/Webinfo Checklist
10. Click Publish This Event Now, click OK