The error message is generated because a required field in The Education Edge is not entered in on the Online Admissions form. In order to process the application:
  1. Click on Configuration button in The Education Edge
  2. Click on Fields
  3. Unmark the required checkbox for the field from the error message

The application should now be able to be processed. In order to not have this happen again, we can leave this field unmarked as required in The Education Edge or we can add this field onto the Online Admissions form.

**NOTE: If the field is Applicant ID, the field must be unrequired in order to process the application. We cannot add this field as an option on the Online Application form. This is because the Applicant ID is automatically generated after the application is processed. If the applicant ID field is added to the form, the generation of the applicant ID will not work in The Education Edge. The applicant ID can manually be changed on the applicant record in The Education Edge after the application has been processed.