Ensure that the applied amount(s) of the gift to the linked proposal(s) do not exceed the gift amount:
  1. In the gift batch, highlight the row for the gift in question in the batch.
  2. From the Gift drop-down menu, select Links and then Proposal.
  3. Review the amount(s) applied for proposal(s) with the Link? checkbox applied. Edit the amounts as needed. If multiple proposals, the amounts applied added up should not exceed the gift amount.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 if the message occurs for other gifts.
  6. Commit the batch.


If the RE:EFT module is also present and the gift batch has transactions added via automatically generating EFT transactions/payments from pledges, an originating pledge applied to a proposal for full amount can cause this message to occur. To correct this message in the batch, review the steps above. Or if this pledge has equal installments and the message occurs each time, change the amount applied to the linked proposal on the originating pledge to the customary scheduled installment amount for it not to occur.