Enabling Automatic Duplicate Management is a two step process with a recommended, optional middle step.
  1. Contact support to enable Resolve New Registration.
  2. Optional step: Wait a week or so to observe what duplicates show up in Resolve New Registration.
    • During this time support can work with you if you want to change the weighting of matches. Learn about the configuration of points
    • Additionally, you can view the scores to determine at what score you want Automatic Duplicate Management to merge the records.
  3. Contact support to enable Automatic Duplicate Management. Include the score you would like Automatic Duplicate Management to be configured at. The default is 100.
When Automatic Duplicate Management is enabled, matches that have a high points value in Resolve New Registrations will be resolved automatically.

Note that duplicate matching is not retroactive. Only new duplicates will be found by this process. 

Automatic Duplicate Management is not available for RELO or Luminate CRM integrated clients.