The EFT Identify Rejections and Corrections procedure can be run at your discretion to identify EFTs that either failed or succeeded but require corrections for future transactions. EFT failures, when they happen, usually do not occur immediately, so this provides a way to check periodically for failed EFTs. This procedure will call Sage’s online tool that identifies rejected EFTs and EFTs in need of correction and then spool that data into a Team Approach report: EFT Rejections and Corrections.

Note the report will not include records that were rejected by Sage immediately, you will see those at the time EFT Processing is run.

If the error above is returned, this means that a duplicate EFT_ORDER_NUMBER was returned by Sage, which violates the primary key of the EFT_REJECTIONS_CORRECTIONS table.

The end result is that any items with a duplicate value returned by Sage will not be displayed in the generated report.  This error does not interfere with EFT processing and may be disregarded.

If you find this error when running the procedure and have further questions, please create a support request at providing the details of the issue and referencing this solution.