1. Navigate to Data Management > Reports > Report Writer
  2. Click Create New Report
  3. Report Application choose TeamRaiser, then Gift Details Report
  4. Click Next
  5. Once you are on the page called "Report Columns." (There will be several little options) You can either choose a basic number of fields to pull, or keep it simple.
  6. At the very least you will need to choose these fields: Donor first and last name, Gift information: Date recorded & Gift Amount, Team Information: Team, Team Name, Event: Event
  7. Click Next Button
  8. You can go through some of the other steps, but only some are crucial, so skip to step 5 (Configure filters).
  9. The first filter should be partially showing up, it should say Event is any one of the following, click edit to the right.
  10. The first two drop down boxes should already say event, so choose the little link that says "more..."
  11. In the list that appears you will search for your event, then click the check box next to it, and then click apply.
  12. Uncheck "edit at run time" and then click save this filter.
  13. You need to create one more filter, so choose the button that says create new filter.
  14. From the drop down list choose team.
  15. Then click more, just like you did before.
  16. Search for you team name and select the team.
  17. Click apply
  18. Name your report on step 6
  19. Click next.
  20. On step 7 Scroll to the bottom and click run report.
  21. Then skip to step e (review criteria summary)
  22. Click run report
After you have completed these steps you will have a report that gives you a list of gifts given to the team that you choose. Once the reports run, you can download them via .CSV file