query group - a group which is based on a query in Luminate Online
virtual group - a group whose membership is automatically calculated on demand based on certain types of criteria built into Luminate Online such as congressional districts
static group - a group whose membership is manually adjusted or adjusted via group assignment uploads
interest group - a query based group that is automatically created when an interest is created and configured to include opt in and opt out groups

Best Practices
  • Know your groups - Be familiar with the groups that you use, what type each group belongs to, and what each group is used for. This will help you maintain a healthy set of groups by removing groups that are no longer used, properly configuring scheduled rebuilds of query groups, and avoiding unnecessary nesting of non-static groups. Luminate Support can provide you with a list of all groups which are scheduled to rebuild automatically.
  • Avoid scheduled group rebuilds - If a query group is only used for email audiences and not for other purposes such as accessing member content on your site, then it is highly recommended that you not configure this group to rebuild automatically. Instead ensure that your email delivery is configured to rebuild the groups on send. This will prevent unneeded group rebuilds from causing contention or extraneous load in the Luminate Online database used by your site.
  • Avoid nesting of non-static groups - Having a query based group where the query used to calculate the group contains criteria referencing other non-static groups can cause extremely high group rebuild times. This is because when Luminate Online is rebuilding groups as part of an email delivery, it must rebuild all non-static groups within the nested structure. It must do this by rebuilding the lowest level of non-static groups and then working its way up the structure. Having several levels of nested non-static groups can increase the amount of rebuild time exponentially. Whenever possible it is recommended to keep your non-static group nestings as flat as possible.
  • Schedule email deliveries several days in advance of send - If you configure an email delivery to be sent on a schedule and the delivery date is far enough in the future, Luminate Online can intelligently rebuild the groups involved in the delivery prior to the email being sent. This is especially helpful when you have more than one email scheduled to be sent on the same day. When you do this the multiple deliveries that are configured will not have to compete for system resources in order to rebuild any groups.