After creating an envelope template you will need to go back into the Communications section to create the file with the envelopes: 

1.       Click Communications
2.       Click the Category the envelope template is stored in
3.       Click Create Documents under the envelope template you would like to use
4.       Select the Category and Query you would like to run
5.       Click Next
6.       Select the format, either PDF or Word-This is the format the document will be download as
7.       Under File Name- Enter the name you wish the document to be titled
8.       Under File Management choose the option you would like to use
9.       Under Grouping choose the option you would like to use
10.   Under Upgrade/Segmented Transactions choose the option you would like to use
11.   Envelopes cannot be used for Receipting, so you can click Next on the next step
12.   Under Receiving, choose the method you would like to use to receive the documents
13.   Click Next
14.   Mark the box for Create a Journal Contact for Each Account if you'd like to track the creation of the envelope in eTapestry
15.   Click Next to Preview and Run
16.   Click Run to create the documents