If you are using LCRM:
  1. Log into Luminate Online
  2. Click on Data Management - Luminate Management
  3. Click on the Queue Problem Management Tab
  4. Either search by the constituent ID or confirmation code for the transaction

If an error shows up, you will be able to see what the donation is hanging up on. At this point, you can attempt to resolve the problem or contact Support if you are unsure of the correct fix. You can also view all of the errors by clicking on the Online -> CRM 'view' in the Fundraising section. This will display all errors currently associated with donations/gifts that cannot sync.

If you are using Common Ground:
  1. Log into Luminate Online
  2. Click Data Management - Import/Export
  3. Click on the Operation Results tab
  4. On the most recent 'Convio Connector for Common Ground DataSync', click 'View Report'
  5. In the 'Data Files' section, you will see error files attached under 'Errors and Collisions'
  6. Select ecrm_to_cg_donation_errors.csv
On this file, you will see all the donations that have errors associated with them and cannot sync. In the first column, the error data will be displayed. Note that the usual reasons why transactions do not sync detailed here can apply as well.