Example: Donations made in Luminate Online during FY13 campaign is showing up in LCRM or Common Ground in the FY12 campaign.

Follow these steps to correct this problem:
  1. In Luminate Online, cross-reference the donation campaign and form to point at the FY13 campaign in LCRM or Common Ground
  2. Run a report in LCRM/Common Group for donations made during a certain date range (FY13 dates)
  3. Select a donation from the report that you want changed to FY13, and double-click the 'Primary Campaign Source' and select the correct campaign
  4. Click Save
  5. Repeat steps 3-5 for each donation
Ensuring the donation form is cross-referenced before editing these donations will ensure no errors are thrown on the campaign selection. Going forward, all donations made will go to the correct campaign.