The purpose of the Link to Online Event button is to refresh information that is synced with an event that it is mapped to in Luminate Online. If you do not have an Event in Luminate Online already mapped to the Event in Luminate CRM, that button will not work. 

The easiest way to map an event from Luminate Online to Luminate CRM is to do the following:
  1. Create an Event in Luminate CRM. (It is best to set up everything with the Luminate CRM, particularly Event Levels, event before continuing)
  2. Go to Luminate Online -> Content -> Events.
  3. Click on Mirror a Luminate CRM Event
Please note that any changes made to the Luminate CRM Event after mirroring it will require removing the cross-references and mapping the Event manually.

To map the event manually:
  1. Go to Data Management -> Luminate Configuration -> Cross References.
  2. Choose Luminate CRM Ticketed Event.
  3. Find the Luminate Online Event to add the Luminate CRM cross references.
  4. Go back to Cross References.
  5. Choose Luminate CRM Ticket Class to map the ticket classes to the Luminate CRM Event Levels.