If you need a specific email address changed from Held to Normal status, you will need to provide supporting documentation that the constituent does want to receive emails from the organization AND that they have adjusted their spam/security and/or white listed our IP addresses. It is also highly suggested that your organization set up SPF and DKIM for emails coming out of eTapestry.

For example, if an email address became Held because it's invalid, then the organization will need to provide confirmation that they have obtained the correct email address. If we fail to acquire confirmation and flip those members back to normal, they potentially will bounce again and cause poor deliverability for not only the organization that sent the mass email, but other eTapestry clients as well.  The same same third party is handling all of the advanced mass emails for each customer and we do not want them to end up on any blacklists.

eTapestry support cannot remove email addresses from Held status unless all of the following has been completed:

Contact the constituent and:
  1. Confirm their email address is correct in eTapestry
  2. Ensure their inbox is not full
  3. Ensure their email address is not disabled
  4. Have them adjust their security settings to be able to receive mass emails from you (add your sending email address to their safe list)
  5. Obtain a confirmation email from the constituent confirming all of these items have been addressed and that they wish to receive mass communications from you. This email must come from the email address that is requesting the Held status to be removed. (This will need to be furinished to support to request the update.)
Typically a constituent ends up as Held because their email provider rejected/blocked/quarantined three advanced mass emails. So the constituent will need to take a look at their security/spam settings and may need to whitelist our IP addresses

Some customers will send a one-off email to the constituent and it arrives just fine. If it was sent from the eTapestry database this confirms the email address is correct, the email's inbox is not full, and the email address is not disabled. But sending a one-off email is not the same as sending a Mass Email (basic or advanced). They are two different processes and email providers view them differently. So sending a one-off email (either in eTapestry or outside of eTapestry) does not mean the constituent is able to receive mass emails.