1. Click Management in the menu bar
  2. Select User Defined Fields under Database Configuration
  3. Select the Category you want to save this new User Defined Field in
  4. Click New Defined Field
  5.  Name the Field (for example, we can call this field "Ticket Quantity" or "Gala Ticket")
  6. Choose Number as your Data Type
  7. Click Next
  8. Choose Transaction as your field application (do not check off any other boxes)
  9.  Click Next
  10.  If you would like to utilize either of these options then check the appropriate box. Keep in mind that selecting the option of required will mark the field as a required field in the entire database. Required fields are noted by a red circle icon and must be filled out before a user can save any other defined fields information when entering in any gift. The field will automatically be required on a DIY page and not necessary to set that required status here.
  11.  Click Next
  12.  Choose Text Box as your Display Type
  13.  Click Save and Finish

Repeat these steps until you have one User Defined Field for each ticket type that you will sell on the form. After creating this field you can add the field to your event registration DIY page to sell tickets to your event. For the steps to complete this process, please see How to add tickets to an Event Registration DIY Form.