It is possible to remove this icon by adding the following code to the event's Page Wrapper:
img[src="../images/yyyy.gif"] {display:none;}

where "XXXX" is the ID from the specific event you are working with and "yyyy" is the file name of the image desiring to remove from the page (i.e. for ticket it would be "ticket-2.gif").

To add this code, you will want to :
  1. Go to Content > Events > Events List tab
  2. Search for your event and Click Edit in the Actions column.
  3. Take note of the event ID in the URL (event_id=XXXX)
  4. Take not of the Page Wrapper from the "Page Wrapper" step
  5. Go to the front-end of the event page
  6. Locate the specific image name by hovering over the image.
  7. Add the event ID and image name to the code above
  8. Go to Setup>Page Wrapper Editor.
  9. Search for the Page Wrapper associated with the event and click Manage Versions.
  10. Copy the Active version to create a new version
  11. On Step 2. Meta Tags, add the configured code to the end of the Additional HTML Tags for HEAD Element field
  12. Save and Publish the new Page Wrapper version.
You can also change the text below the icon if desired.

Note: This content solution was provided by a web developer. Support cannot assist with the implementation or further troubleshooting of this custom code. Further assistance is available in the Blackbaud Community.