1. Edit the form part in question
  2. On the Design tab, scroll down to the Payment Setup section
    1. To enable, Mark the checkbox labeled "Direct debit" in the section labeled "Select the payment methods to make available to donors"
    2. To disable, Unmark the box labeled Direct Debit
  3. Click the Save button
Note: The following parts support Direct Debit
  • Donation form part
  • Payment 2.0
It's not available on event registration forms, or online admission (OA), online reenrollment (ORE) and common forms. If you attempt to use a Payment 2.0 part with a OA, ORE or Common Form, the option for Direct Debit will be hidden. If you select a payment part with only the direct debit option selected, website form users will be unable to proceed to the payment screen.

Note: NetCommunity does not authorize direct debit transactions online. The EFT module is required within The Raiser's Edge to use the direct debit functionality for any gateway outside Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS).

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