How to reconcile MobilePay in Altru

This solution describes the steps to pull a list of MobilePay transactions in Altru and reconcile them.
How to pull a list of MobilePay transactions in Altru:
Note: We first recommend you create a separate BBMS account for MobilePay. Refer to the Blackbaud MobilePay guide to set that up. 
  1. Click Treasury > Click Reconcile transactions and disbursements under the Credit Card Reconciliation section
  2. Verify the BBMS auto reconcile feature in the left hand column is enabled. 
  • If auto reconcile is not Enabled: Select the Enable button and wait until the next day to walk through the remaining steps below. This will give Altru the time to pull in the transactions through the auto reconciliation feature to minimize the amount of manual work needed.
  • If auto reconcile is enabled: Proceed to the steps below. 
  1. Click the Unmatched disbursements tab.
  2. Choose the Gateway ID for your separate MobilePay account, set the date range, and click Apply
  3. This should provide a list of MobilePay transactions.
Note: The transactions on this list need to be added in Altru before you can reconcile them. For instructions, reference How can I enter MobilePay transactions in Altru?
  1. Click the drop-down arrows next to a transaction and click Find Transaction Match
  2. Search for and click the transaction that matches and click Select
  3. Enter the date that you are reconciling the payment and click Save



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