How to Create an Individual Query from an existing Constituent Query List

Users may have a Query List that they want to use in other modules where an Individual Query is necessary.  
Create an Output Query of existing Query List through the Mail module
  1. Select Mail > Labels > New
  2. Create for Constituents
  3. Include > Selected Records > Select existing Query List
  4. Mark Head of Household Processing as appropriate. To maintain exact records in Query List, select Mail to both constituents separately.
  5. Select to Include Inactive, Deceased, Constituents with no valid address as desired. 
  6. Mark Create Output Query
  7. Preview
  8. Save Query 
  9. Exit Mail
  10. Query > Open the output Query just created
  11. Tools > Query Options > Query Type > Individual > OK
  12. Save and close Query

For additional information on Query Lists and how to use them, please reference 'What is Query List and how to use it' (BB729409).



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