You will need to report on the event, and pull in the captains that way:
  1. Go to Data Management > select Reports
  2. Click the Report Writer tab
  3. Click Create a New Report
  4. Choose TeamRaiser from the report selection dropdown menu
  5. Mark Registrations from the available reports and click next
  6. Add desired fields and columns
  7. Skip to step 5: Configure Filters
  8. Click Edit next to the Event filter and choose your TeamRaiser
  9. Click Create a filter and choose Registration from the dropdown menu
  10. Click the menu below Registration and choose Is Team Captain and add the filter
  11. Click Next
  12. Type in the report label and click Next
  13. Save Report, or Run Report
When the report is finished running and you are viewing the online results, you will see an icon of a thumbs up that says "Add to Group" when highlighted. Click this icon and choose TeamRaiser Participants and click Next. You can either create a new group, or add these results to an existing group.