There are a couple of common reasons a discount code you setup may not be working. All of the steps below assume you have already navigated to Fundraising > TeamRaiser > "Edit" next to the TeamRaiser affected > Step 8 "Manage Discounts" > Click "Edit" next to the discount name:
  • The name of the discount code doesn't match the code itself - When you setup a discount code you have the name of the discount and you have the code itself, and sometimes people will type in the discount name instead of the code not realizing they might be different. Make note of the code on this first page in part 3, "Discount Code". 
  • The code is not entered in exactly as specified - Discount codes are case sensitive.
  • The discount has a limited supply - Go to step 3 "Limit Number Available". If you've checked the box to limit the number of discounts, only the number of people defined here will be able to use the code.
  • You are not eligible to use the discount - Go to step 4, "Define Eligibility", and if the box is checked for part 1 "Discount Usage" than a constituent can only use this discount code one time. Also note that in part 2, "Eligible Groups", if any groups are selected than the constituent must be a member of one of those groups to use the discount.
  • The discount is not active - Go to step 5, "Approve Discount", and if the box is checked for part 1, " Discount Activation Date", then the discount will only work beginning on the date specified. If the box is checked for part 2, " Discount Expiration Date", then the discount can no longer be used after the date specified there.
  • The discount is not associated with a participation type - You need to specify participation types that can use this discount in order for it to be usable. To do go back to the Manage Discounts section, and next to the discount click on "Associate". From here you can choose which participation types can use this code to register.
If none of the above apply to your situation, please contact support to investigate other possible causes.