Non-Head of Household constituents appear in segment output queries when using Quick Letters and using Head of Household processing set to Head of Household only

When using the segment feature in Mail > Quick Letters, the output queries generated from the Segment tab return too many records. This happens when we mark Mail only to constituents marked Head of Household on the General Tab. The Head of Household processing is correct for the output query created on the General tab. The output queries from the Segment tab do not eliminate the non-Head of household record when both spouses are included in the input query.

If Appeals are also being added to the segmented mailing, the incorrect Appeal will be listed on the wrong record. 

When using Mail to first constituent found, if an earlier segment contains the Head of Household and a later segment contains a query with both spouses, the Output queries are incorrect (along with which Appeal is added). The Appeal will be incorrectly listed on the non-Head of Household, rather than the Appeal that corresponds with the first segment on the Head of Household's record. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

In the meantime, please create segment queries using Labels rather than Quick Letters.

Steps to Duplicate

In sample Raiser's Edge database, we'll segment based on gender using the following records: Joseph Diresta & Angela Diresta (Joseph is Head of Household) and Bruce Jacobson & Robin Jacobson (Robin is Head of Household).
  1. Create and save a new constituent query with this criteria: Constituent information > specific record one of Joseph Diresta, Angela Diresta, Bruce Jacobson, Robin Jacobson
  2. Create and save a new constituent query with this criteria: Constituent information > Gender equals Female
  3. Create and save a new constituent query with this criteria: Constituent information > Gender equals Male
  4. Go to Mail > Quick Letters and start a new Quick Letter.
  5. On the General tab: Mark Constituents. Attach the query created in step 1. Set Head of Household processing to Head of Household only. Mark create output query.
  6. On the Segment tab: mark Segment mail run. Add queries created in steps 2 and 3 as input queries (order does not matter) and name the output queries. Do not set any appeal options.
  7. Click Export.
  8. Save the output file as a CSV file.
  9. Name and save the static queries when prompted.
  10. Review the outputs:
  • Open the output CSV file: Only Robin Jacobson and Joseph Diresta will be listed. They are the Head of Households and this is correct.
  • Open the static segment Male output query. This will have two records but should have only one, Joseph Diresta.
  • Open the static segment Female output query. This will have two records but should have only one, Robin Jacobson. (This result was mixed and saw two or one records.)


 Raiser's Edge
 7.93.5782, patch 4; 7.92.5508, patch 7

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