This occurs when the contact record changes in Luminate Online and your offline database since the time of your last sync. Because both databases were updated in the same time frame, the system then does not know which is the most current. The standard process for collisions is to "let Luminate Online win", since when constituents change their data online, it is assumed that they want this change to stick. No special action is needed in these cases, because the Luminate Online record is in the modified_profiles download file and just needs to be imported into the offline database. 

If you do not want the Luminate Online record to win, then you will need to use the collision file to identify those records on the modified_profiles download file that they want to exclude from the import into their offline database. 

Example timeline:
  • Monday: Constituent A is modified in both the offline database and Luminate Online separately.
  • Tuesday: Constituent A shows up in the collision file and in the usual download file (the one that is normally uploaded to the offline database). If you chose to make the offline database record "win", then you will need to manually remove constituent A from the download file before uploading into your offline database.
  • Wednesday: Everything proceeds as normal with constituent A. Most likely since nothing new has happened to constituent A, that record no longer shows up in any download file, upload file, collision file, or error file