There are two methods in which you can add this link. You can add the link via the WYSIWYG or you can hard code the link into the autoresponder using HTML and Luminate S tags to populate the correct IDs.

To add the link via WYSIWYG:

  1. Edit the TeamRaiser.
  2. Select Step 11. Manage Autoresponders.
  3. Select Edit next to the Autoresponder you want to adjust.
  4. Type the text that will be hyperlinked to the personal page.
  5. Highlight the text and select the link icon.
  6. From the pop up, select Browse Links.
  7. Select TeamRaiser as the Link Type, and select the TeamRaiser event.
  8. From the Additional Link Options drop down menu, select Participant Personal Page.
  9. Click the Select button and finally, insert the link.
  10. Save the changes to your autoresponder. 

To add the link via HTML code and Luminate S tags:

Use the following HTML format to create a Personal Page link in the body of your Autoresponder.

<a href="<your site's URL>/site/TR?fr_id=1122&px=[[S1:cons_id]]&pg=personal">Personal Page</a>

Where 1122 is the ID of your TeamRaiser.