This issue only occurs when the form does not require a payment.   When the online re-enrollment form does not require a payment it will still require the "Fee Collected" merge fields to be placed on the acknowledgement email.  Any content that is displayed in between the "Fee Collected.Begin Section" and the "Fee Collected.End Section" merge fields will not be displayed because the system did not collect a fee.  Therefore any email content that has been placed between these two merge fields will not display to acknowledgement email recipient.  If the entirety of the email content is located between these two merge fields then the email can appear blank or may not be sent all together.   In order to resolve this issue please perform the steps below: 
  1. Log into BBNC
  2. Navigate to Site Explorer>Forms
  3. Search for the desired form and click the Pencil icon to edit
  4. Click the Acknowledgement email button
  5. Find the "Fee Collected.End Section" merge field
  6. Move this merge field directly behind the "Fee Collected.Begin Section" merge field
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Save