Option 1 -
Create a Class query to find classes that meet during that specific period and have students in that specific grade level enrolled.

1. In Query, create a new Class query.
2. On the Criteria tab, expand Class and select the appropriate Academic year, Session, and Term.
3. Next, expand Meetings and select Period equals the appropriate period. (You may also want to select a specific Day.)
4. Then, expand Students, Student, Bio 1, and select Current Grade equals the appropriate grade level and Current Status equals Current Student.
5. On the Output tab, select the appropriate fields that you want to see about the class. For example, you may want to expand Query fields to select any of the fields used on the Criteria tab.
6. To add the Class ID, expand Class, and select Class ID.
7. To add the Teacher name, expand Meetings, Faculty/Staff and select First name, Last name, or Full name.
8. On the Sort tab, expand Query fields and select the field(s) chosen in Step 7 if you would like to sort by the teacher's name.
9. Click Run to view the results.


Option 2 -
Create a class roster and filter on students in the specific grade and classes that meet during the specific period.

1. Follow the steps outlined in the following solution to: Create a Class Roster. (BB142586)
2. On the Filters tab, filter the group of Students using a query of students who are currently enrolled in the specific grade level. (BB511946)
3. Filter the Classes using a query of classes that meet during the specific period.
4. Preview the results.