Check to make sure that the credentials for BBMS are correct within The Raiser's Edge. Incorrect merchant account credentials will cause the Online Express form not to load.


When adding the code provided from Blackbaud Online Express, make sure that all the code is copied as-is. Any changes to this code may cause the script or content to display improperly.

If the placement of the code in your HTML file does not display properly, perform the following to troubleshoot the issue:
  1. Create a blank HTML file in an HTML text editor
  2. In your HTML code, make sure that you paste all of the code provided from Blackbaud Online Express directly into the "body" section 
  3. Save the HTML file and upload this to a desired source or local folder that can be browsed and/or referenced
  4. Browse the file to view the code on an https webpage
    1. If the code still does not work, Contact Support and reference this article. 
    2. If the code does work, in your content management system or primary site, use an iframe to load the page containing the HTML of the donation form
      • Example: <iframe src="PATH_TO_HTML_CONTAINING_ONLINEEXPRESS" frameborder="0" height="2000" width="100%"></iframe>
It is possible that additional code can in your CMS, or design, could be causing interference. Ensure that the copied code functions on an empty html file with no additional code or styles placed on the page to test the copied code.