In order to merge records in The Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online, users must merge the duplicate records in The Raiser's Edge. During the merge process, The Raiser's Edge will connect to Luminate Online and merge the respective linked records. When the integration is turned on all merging must be done in Raiser's Edge, any issues with the integration such as connection or web services errors will prevent a successful merge until the issue is resolved. The Luminate Online plug-in should be installed on workstations that will be merging duplicate records in order for The Raiser's Edge to properly communicate with Luminate Online and merge the records. For questions on how to uninstall or disable to the integration please contact your Blackbaud Client Success Manager.

It's possible that users may find more duplicates in Luminate Online, but not in The Raiser's Edge. If this occurs, edit the extra Luminate Online records (i.e., add a middle name or a letter to the last name). This will cause the record(s) to flow down to The Raiser's Edge. At that point, users will need to process these AS NEW in the Luminate Online plug in. From there, you can merge the records in The Raiser's Edge following the directions in the link above. If a Luminate record was incorrectly  marked as removed in your Luminate database as the result of a merge in Raiser's Edge please contact Luminate Support to request the record to be reactivated.

NOTE: This process may take up to 24 hours to complete.