Note: The following is assuming your participant center link is setup correctly. Make sure that you inserted the link for the participant center using these instructions and the TeamRaiser ID (fr_id) is for the correct TeamRaiser.

When setting up your participant center, you have the option to set a different page for the participant center homepage so that clicking a link for the participant center will take you to that page. This is often used to embed the participant center in a PageBuilder page or to direct constituents somewhere else first. If this link is not reset when you create a new TeamRaiser, it could lead to you accidentally linking to the wrong page. If the Participant Center was embedded on a PageBuilder page, it can also appear as if you are taken to the Participant center for an old TeamRaiser. To check this globally for your Participant Center:
  1. Fundraising > TeamRaiser > Participant Center tab
  2. Click "Edit" next to the Participant Center in question.
  3. Go to step 2, "Configure Options"
  4. Examine question 1, " Participant Center Home Page". This option defines what page to direct to when you click on a link to the participant center. If you simply want to link directly to the Participant Center, leave this option blank, otherwise update with the correct information.
This can also be defined at the event level, so if your problem cannot be solved by the steps above, try the following:
  1. Fundraising > TeamRaiser > "Edit" next to the TeamRaiser in question
  2. Go to step 3, "Event Options"
  3. On the left under "Related Actions" click on "Edit Advanced Options"
  4. Go to step d/e "Configure Participant Center Override Options"
  5. If the box is checked on question 2, "Yes, override the current Participant Center settings with the values defined below", this specific TeamRaiser is set to override the options we explored above. Edit question 2, "Home Page to Display for Participant Center Override in this TeamRaiser", to change the page a Participant Center link will send you to.