When searching for constituents to link to in the NetCommunity plugin, The Raiser's Edge uses default search criteria. At times, the user may enter data in NetCommunity that may be different than what The Raiser's Edge has on record, resulting in no results.

To locate the existing constituent, broaden your search:
  1. Unmark additional fields
  • Fields can be unmarked in the following locations:
    • Biographical tab
    • Preferred Address tab
    • Any additional tab that may display, depending on information entered by the user
    • Display filters
User-added image
  • The broader the search, the more likely the plugin will return search results for that constituent
  1. Once the desired search fields have been updated, click Find Now in the constituent search window
  2. From the search results, double click to select the constituent
  3. Click Link the Constituent
  • You may also click to Open the Constituent or Cancel
  1. If the user entered a field incorrectly, the "New Value" column can be edited to adjust values
  • An example of editing this would be in the event the donor/registrant entered a special character like a semi colon or comma by accident
  1. In the top left corner, click Save and Close 

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