When searching for constituents inside of the plug in, the user's data that was entered in from NetCommunity may be different than what The Raiser's Edge has on record. Since the parts will accept what the user types in as-is, it may require searching by broader results. Perform the following steps below to increase the probable search results:
  1. Uncheck additional fields such as Zip Code, Address, Email, etc... in the Preferred Address Tab and attempt to search by Last Name or only one search option. The broader the search, the more likely the plug in will return search results for that constituent.
  2. If the user entered a field incorrectly, the "New Value" column can be edited to adjust values. An example of editing this would be in the event the donor/registrant entered a special character like a semi colon or comma by accident.
  3. Once the desired fields have been updated and the appropriate fields are marked, click on the Find Now button in the constituent search window to check for any results.