1. In The Raiser’s Edge, go to Export and click on New Export.

2. Select Constituent as type and Comma-Separated Values as the format.
3. On the General tab:

4. On the Output tab:
  • Select the following fields from the left list. To move a field to the output list on the right, either double-click on it or highlight it and press Select below the list.
    • Address > Preferred Address > Address Block (This will bring over multiple fields.)
    • Addressee/Salutation > Addressee
    • Addressee/Salutation > Salutation
  • In the output list, highlight Addressee, right-click and select Format or highlight and press Format below the list. Set the addressee options and press OK.
  • In the output list, highlight Salutation, right-click and select Format or highlight and press Format below the list. Set the salutation options and press OK.

5. Save the export set-up by press the blue disk icon or from File > Save.

6. After saving the set-up, export the file:
  • Press Export in the lower right or the disc/arrow icon in the top menu bar.
  • Select the folder/location to save the file and specify a file name.
  • The export will run providing a progress bar.

7. Upon completion, a message will appear specifying how many rows (records) exported. Press OK. Then if specified on the General tab, the Export Control Report will run. The export is complete and you can review the resulting file.

If you need to export a new list, then this set-up can be reused:
  • If no field changes are needed, then attach a new query on the general tab.
  • If field changes need to be made but you wish to keep this set-up, then go to File > Save as to save a copy of the existing set-up with a new name. Then proceed with the edits.
For information on adding more fields or other exports, search the Knowledgebase regarding the desired information. For example, search “how to export gift information” or “how to export contacts.”