The Essentials template provides options for features in Kintera Thon events that previously could only be added by using custom coding in the Standard Template events. It may depend on how much custom coding an organization has as to whether they would want to switch as they may already have some of those custom coded into their event.

Another notable difference is the Standard Template included Front Page Customization for customization and the Essentials Template replaced Front Page Customization with Website Design.

To view a video on some of the features of the Essentials Template click on the link below and click Watch This Video under the Friends Asking Friends Has a New Look! section:

Organizations can switch a Standard Template event to an Essentials Template event. NOTE: Not all custom coding will work in the same way it did in the Standard Template event and an organization may need to work with their account manager to have the Professional Services team convert their current custom coding to the new template.