You may wish to link to the page where constituents can update their profile information in an email message or on the unsubscribe page. To insert a link to this page in an email:
  1. When editing a message using the WYSIWYG, highlight the text or image you would like to function as the link. 
  2. Click on the "Insert/Edit URL or Link" button
  3. Click on "Browse Links"
  4. For link type choose "User Registration"
  5. Choose "Update Profile"
  6. If you do not want users to have to login before editing their profile, check the box next to "Automatically log the user in when this link is clicked."
  7. Click "Select"
If you would like to insert this link on the unsubscribe page, contact support. If the autologin functionality is not working, please refer to this solution. If you would like to customize what shows up on the user profile update page, please refer to this solution.