Since the Profile Form (EE) part pulls information directly from The Education Edge, the user account viewing the part must be linked to an Education Edge record. If the user account is not linked to an Education Edge record, the part will not display. 

To confirm the NetCommunity user account is linked to The Education Edge, this can be checked either one of two ways:

Method 1:
Inside of The Education Edge, open up the users record and locate the User ID/Password fields under the Bio 1 or Bio 2 tabs. If they are grayed out then the user is linked to a NetCommunity account.

Method 2:
Inside of NetCommunity, navigate to Users and Security -> Users.
Locate the desired user and click on the pencil icon to edit the account.
Scroll to the bottom of the account and check to see if there is a section for an Education Edge Link. If a link exists, verify that the NetCommunity account is linked with the correct record. 

Note:  Verify also that the information on the form will display for this record type.  If only Individual Specific information is on the form and the user is a Faculty or Student, it will not display as well.