Error: The refund amount must be less than the payment amount- when refunding a group sale

When trying to refund a group sale overage after check-in, you may receive this error when refunding certain payments: You cannot refund more than the payment amount.  Enter an amount less than or equal to the remaining refundable amount or select another payment.  Other payments can be refunded without error.
Only the last payment entered on a group sale can be refunded after check-in.  When trying to refund all other payments, you will receive this error.  

If you need to refund a specific payment that was not the last payment, you can refund it through Blackbaud Merchant Services or your credit card portal, if it was paid via credit card.  Then, refund payments in Altru for the same amount but to an other payment method.
  • Note: This will cause your credit card reconciliation in Altru to not match your disbursement, but the refund to an other method will represent the refund that took place in your credit card portal.



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