Error: One of the files in the setup has an invalid certificate. File: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\The Raisers Edge.msi Invalid or no signature - when launching The Raiser's Edge

When launching The Raiser's Edge, users receive the error: One of the files in the setup has an invalid certificate.  File: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\The Raisers Edge.msi  Invalid or no signature.  This error occurs when Windows Installer automatically attempts to repair Raiser's Edge 7 due to a corrupt or missing component that is being blocked by Anti-virus. In version 7.93, the missing file is RE7STUB.exe. Another potentially missing file is RE7vba.exe.
The files  RE7STUB.exe or RE7vba.exe may be detected as viruses during the installation, update, logging into, or when just running The Raiser's Edge (reported in versions 7.92 and above). If quarantined by anti-virus, The Raiser's Edge will not open until the files are entered as an exception and  an uninstall/reinstall is performed.

The file, RE7STUB.exe, is not a virus but is a false positive reported from some Anti-Virus software programs.
 1. Check to see if Anti-virus has quarantined a file
     -Note: You can check quarantined files in either the Anti-virus Application or in the Applications list of the Event Viewer.
     -Note: Your Anti-virus software may delete RE7Stub.exe, indicating the file is called Gen:Variant.Graftor.13868.
 2. Restore RE7STUB.exe.
 3. Try running The Raiser's Edge again.
 4. If you still get the error, create an exception for the RE7STUB.exe file in your anti-virus software.
 5. Repeat steps 1 - 5 for the file: RE7vba.exe.
 6. Uninstall and Reinstall The Raiser's Edge.
 7. Contact the anti-virus software company and report the issue.



 7.92.5508 patch 6 ; 7.93.5782

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