Error: You do not have permission to access this eReceipt - when trying to open eReceipt URL

When accessing the donor's eReceipt via the gift record in The Raiser's Edge or through a confirmation email, you receive the following message:

You do not have permission to access this eReceipt 

Occasionally, someone other than a donor will need to see the contents of an eReceipt generated by Blackbaud NetCommunity and you want to know what type of permissions are needed to access it. 

Note: you may also notice that when trying to navigate to an eReceipt, you are directed to a Login Page, instead of the eReceipt.
For donations, not associated with a Fundraiser
When a donor logs in while submitting a donation form, they receive an eReceipt that has permissions applied to it within a unique key. If a non-Supervisor user or who is not the donor tries to access an eReceipt with special permission, this error will occur. 
To view an Ereceipt that is prompting this error:
  • Log in to the website as the donor
  • Log in to the NetCommunity website as a Supervisor
If the donation was made anonymously (meaning the donor was not logged in to the Blackbaud NetCommunity site at the time of the donation), then anyone who has the transaction specific link may view the receipt.  

You can determine whether or not the donor was logged when they submitted the donation form by reviewing the format of the eReceipt's URL key:
  • Example of a logged in donor:
  • Example of an anonymous donor, not logged

If this error occurs for a Fundraiser transaction:
When a manual Team Fundraising sync is performed, we update all DonationTransactions with the latest data we have from RE, including backoffice ID etc.

This issue happened when we saved the DonationTransaction object; we set the AddedByUserID to be the value of the current user, which in the case of a manual sync, is the user who is running the sync, not the donor.

When a user attempts to view an eReceipt, we check this field against the current user ID; if they don't match, we think you don't have permission.

The fundraiser eReceipt issue was corrected in version 6.51, if this behavior is persistent, please confirm you’re on the latest version of NetCommunity.


 6.45.2034 patch 15 ; 6.41.537 patch 8, 6.35.1001, patch 37, 6.45

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