This notification is generated because Blackbaud NetCommunity was unable to deliver an email to the address provided by your donor / registrant. This can be caused by either a mistype by the donor or the donor's email server / account is down or full. When Blackbaud NetCommunity is unable to deliver a confirmation, it emails a specified user that the email notification for the donor/registrant did not get through. This is a feature of Blackbaud NetCommunity to let you know that email was not received, which is especially important if you count on it to be the sole acknowledgement of the gift / registration, and to let you know that the email associated with the transaction is not accurate.

You may consider locating the associated record within the Raiser's Edge and reaching out to the donor. The email notification will include a copy of the original email, so review it for identifying information. Consider contacting the donor / registrant at a different email, by phone, or by mail. Reissue the confirmation if needed and update/remove the incorrect email address from your records.

If the donor requests the Acknowledgement Email Be Re-Sent

Note: An acknowledgement email cannot be resent to a different email address through NetCommunity.

For more information on notifications for failed emails: